Pre-Congress Workshops


R1 000 exl. VAT

The full day paediatric cardiology workshop is one not to be missed. It will include interactive sessions on working in the cath lab. The programme accommodates fellows, new and experienced cardiologists. We will be fortunate to have world-renowned interventionalist, Professor Oliver Stumper – the UK as our guest.

Topics include:  

  • Cath Lab access - tips/tricks/challenging access/ultrasound guided access
  • Cath Lab Equipment: Wires, catheters and sheaths - which wire and catheter for which situation?
  • Cath Lab Equipment: Balloons and stents: Understanding balloons: what balloons are available; how do you choose a balloon for a particular job?
  • Understanding stents: what are the different types - how do I choose an appropriate stent?
  • Operable or not? When and how to proceed and interpret a haemodynamic study with practical examples
  • Pulmonary vasoreactivity testing: The latest guidelines on when and how we should be doing this
  • Pulmonary arteries- when do I intervene for branch pulmonary stenosis?
  • Pulmonary arteries: getting into difficult branches and interventions for difficult pulmonary artery stenosis
  • RVOT stenting in newborns and infants - which patients/how to do it?
  • PDA stenting update: when and how to do it?
  • PDA closure in new-borns - what are the limits?
  • Lessons I have learnt – interesting/difficult cases