Pre-Congress Workshops


R1 000 exl. VAT

The full day paediatric cardiology workshop is one not to be missed. It will include interactive sessions on working in the cath lab. The programme accommodates fellows, new and experienced cardiologists. We will be fortunate to have world-renowned interventionalist, Professor Oliver Stumper – the UK as our guest.

Topics include:  

  • Cath Lab access - tips/tricks/challenging access/ultrasound guided access
  • Cath Lab Equipment: Wires, catheters and sheaths - which wire and catheter for which situation?
  • Cath Lab Equipment: Balloons and stents: Understanding balloons: what balloons are available; how do you choose a balloon for a particular job?
  • Understanding stents: what are the different types - how do I choose an appropriate stent?
  • Operable or not? When and how to proceed and interpret a haemodynamic study with practical examples
  • Pulmonary vasoreactivity testing: The latest guidelines on when and how we should be doing this
  • Pulmonary arteries- when do I intervene for branch pulmonary stenosis?
  • Pulmonary arteries: getting into difficult branches and interventions for difficult pulmonary artery stenosis
  • RVOT stenting in newborns and infants - which patients/how to do it?
  • PDA stenting update: when and how to do it?
  • PDA closure in new-borns - what are the limits?
  • Lessons I have learnt – interesting/difficult cases


Complimentary Access

The “Cardiology for the Non-cardiologist” pre-congress workshop has established itself as a key landmark seminar held annually at the South African Heart Association Congress. This workshop is a “one stop shop” where all clinicians are updated on compelling current cardiology topics. The lectures are delivered by local and international key opinion leaders with a focus on practical application for any clinical setting. This workshop is not to be missed!


R1 000 exl. VAT

We invite all health care workers involved in Echocardiography to this annual workshop.  This year we are joined by PASCAR which will bring interesting images and perspectives.

This one-day workshop will benefit both experienced Echocardiographers and those starting out a career in Echocardiography.

This year we will focus on valvular heart disease, particularly the different aspects of mitral valve disease.


R850 exl. VAT

The PASCAR/CASSA workshop will start with the presentation of 5 case-based interesting arrhythmia (electrophysiology and device) cases from all over Africa - including Tunisia, Uganda, Algeria, Sierra Leone and South Africa.  An International faculty will discuss each case and comment on best practices that are reflective of their respective working environments.

His bundle pacing has emerged as a safe and effective alternative to right ventricular pacing and as an alternative to conventional biventricular pacing. The principles and practices of His bundle pacing will be presented.  The audience will learn the rationale, implant technique and current evidence for this pacing modality.

An approach to the patient with a device and recorded atrial high rate episodes will be presented.  The audience will learn the significance of these episodes, how to treat them, and the role of anticoagulation. 

An athlete’s ECG can have profound repolarization changes. What is normal versus abnormal in an athlete’s ECG from Africa will be discussed. The session will end with a session on case-based presentation of ECGs from various African countries.