Professor William Wijns (Ireland)

Research efforts are targeting the development and
validation of innovative techniques in interventional
medicine including invasive and non-invasive physiological
measurements and imaging, drug-eluting stents and
applications of multi-detector coronary CT angiography.

In addition, ongoing research aims to prevent high-risk
subjects from suffering cardiac disability by modification of
vulnerable plaques and modulation of trigger mechanisms
that precipitate acute events. Professor Wijns is committed
to the development and evaluation of novel device-based
therapies of cardiovascular diseases.

W. Wijns served the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) in
various positions, including Vice-President, Chairman of EU
Affairs, Scientific Program Chair and President of the
European Association of Percutaneous Cardiac Intervention
(EAPCI) of the ESC. Presently, he chairs PCR with focus on
adult learning, knowledge transfer techniques and education
science via Courses and other educational activities
(publishing, web-based learning, seminars and workshops).

Professor Wijns is Associate Editor of the European Heart
Journal, covering acute coronary syndromes, coronary
artery disease and interventional cardiology.