Professor Ian Graham (Ireland)

Ian Graham is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine in Trinity College, Dublin, and Professor Emeritus of Preventive Cardiology at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He is Secretary-Treasurer and Board Member of the European Society of Cardiology and Chairman of the Adelaide Health Foundation Health Policy Initiative. He is a member of the 6th Joint European Societies Task Force on the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in clinical practice and of its Prevention Implementation Committee, having Chaired the 4th Task Force. He is co-Chair of the 2016 European Guidelines on the management of dyslipidaemias, and co-Chair of an expert group that is advising the World Health Organisation on cardiovascular risk estimation.

Professor Graham studied medicine at Trinity College in Dublin and worked in Dublin and Cambridge before becoming Head of Cardiology at Tallaght Hospital in Dublin and Vice-Chair of its Board of management. He was Director of Research at St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin and at the Irish Heart Foundation. He is past President of the Irish Heart Foundation, the Dublin University Biological Association and the Irish Hyperlipidaemia Association. He founded the Irish National Cardiac Surgery register.

He is an honorary Fellow of Trinity College in Dublin, a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland. He is a recipient of the Stokes Medal of the Irish Cardiac Society, and Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Medal from the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. He held a Medical Research Council Fellowship, an EU travelling Fellowship at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and an ISFC Cardiovascular Epidemiology Fellowship.

Research interests include the natural history of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular risk estimation, blood lipids, health policy and planning and the evaluation of therapies. He has written extensively in these areas.