Professor Gil Bolotin (Israel)

Professor Bolotin received his MD in 1993 from the Hebrew University ‐ Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem, Israel; and his PhD. in 2001 from Academic Hospital Maastricht, The Netherlands. He performed his residency in the Department of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery at Carmel Medical Center, Haifa, Israel. In 2007, he was appointed Director of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, Rambam Medical Center. In 2015, he was appointed Clinical Associate Professor at the Ruth & Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion Institute of Technology (Technion), Haifa, Israel.

In addition, Professor Bolotin was the Chairman of the Israel Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery (2014-2017) and is a member of international professional cardiothoracic societies - European Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery and World Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons.

Professor Bolotin has published over 100 publications in peer‐review journals and book chapters and presented at numerous international professional meetings. He also has extensive teaching experience in national and international cardiothoracic surgery courses.

From the onset of his medical career, Professor Bolotin was deeply interested in medical devices from engineering design through in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies. His research interests have since expanded to span the entire range of cardiothoracic surgery, with a special interest in minimally invasive valve surgery, transcatheter valve implantation, atrial fibrillation, robotic cardiac surgery and other innovations in cardiac surgery.