Dr Andrew Chapman (Scotland)

Andrew Chapman is a Cardiologist training in Scotland and an Honorary Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.

He recently completed a three year PhD fellowship funded by the British Heart Foundation into the use of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin for risk stratification in patients with the suspected acute coronary syndrome. His research has been published extensively and has been recognized by national and international awards, including the Samuel A. Levine Young Investigator Award by the American Heart Association in 2017.

Working with Professor Nicholas Mills and Professor David Newby, Andrew helped to deliver the High-STEACS randomized controlled trial, evaluating the implementation of a high-sensitivity cardiac troponin assay in 50,000 consecutive patients in Scotland, which will be presented as a Late-Breaking Clinical Trial at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Munich later this year. He is leading a further randomized trial evaluating the use of an early rule out the pathway in 30,000 Emergency Department patients with the suspected acute coronary syndrome, which is due to report in early 2019.

Andrew’s main research interests are into the mechanisms of myocardial injury in patients with type 2 myocardial infarction, and he is leading a clinical trial addressing this question using both invasive and non-invasive imaging. When he has completed his training, Andrew hopes to work as an academic cardiologist in Scotland.